The ABCs of Ballet Kitty – A Book Review

ballet kitty

The ABCs of Ballet Kitty – A Book Review

‘ballet kitty’ is an adorable tale of love and friendship as a young kitty and her loyal friend, Princess Pussycat, spend the day together playing and dancing. This is an emotional and touching story for all ages, both ballet dancers and children! This book will make you laugh, cry and have a little ‘oohs’.

Ballet Kitty is so cuddly, she is almost an adorable kitten. When her owner tells her she can take over the role of her favorite feline, she goes on a search for the perfect ballerina costume. With the help of her loyal pal, she finds herself magically transformed into the beautiful ballerina she always dreamed she could be.

Ballet Kitty eventually falls in love with a fellow ballet dancer named Florian. Together, they form the very popular “Furtenstein Ballerina Group” and work hard to promote the art of ballet through their performances. However, when a tragic accident causes the death of Kitty, she becomes depressed and begins to slip away from society. She meets up with a boy named Maxim, who has a budding talent for the dance of ballet, and he teaches her everything she ever wanted to know about it. After a tragic incident that leaves Kitty severely injured, Maxim takes her under his wing.

Kitty has a number of close, personal friends in the ballet community. However, one day her cat gets loose in the house, and she decides it is necessary for her to find the cat before she gets lost herself. Along the way, Kitty meets a number of interesting people, including her loyal but overly girly cat, Fuzzy; her ever-enthusiastic but clueless new dancer pal; Florian the talented but uptight pre-school teacher; and Max, a mischievous young boy who loves to tinker with machines. The other cats in the group also join in on the fun, forming their own little cliques and fending for themselves in the midst of all the action. Eventually, Kitty finds herself forced to work under Max, who teaches her everything she ever wanted to know about ballet, including classical dance forms such as the Ira Ballet Suite.

Once she learns the value of friendship, Kitty devotes her life to protecting everyone she meets and learning everything she can about ballet both for herself and to teach to those in her community. Kitty is an accomplished master ballerina, and when her friend Florian becomes sick and bedridden, Kitty devotes her time to him and his little family. When Fuzzy is born, Kitty realizes she must take care of him as well, and with the help of an elderly man named Herman, they have a great team of friends who do anything for each other.

However, things take a turn for the worse when their school gets closed down due to the threat of a local animal attack. This, combined with Kitty’s desire to learn ballet and stick with it, leads her into a whole new world of danger. In order to save herself and her friends, Kitty must rely on the love of her new father, and she discovers that the only way to do so is by learning to dance. However, before she can start, she must learn how to move in the hoop, and when she finally does, Kitty’s true identity is revealed. Will Kitty ever be able to move like a real ballerina?