Should You Buy a Ballet Tutu For Your Children?

The ballet tutu, sometimes called a tutu-belle is a skirt-like dress usually worn as a full dress in a traditional ballet presentation, often having attached crinoline-type bodice. It can be constructed from silk, taffeta, tulle, gauze, silk, Jacquard, or nylon fabric. The term “tutu” (pronounced “tut-yoo”) actually refers to the skirts worn by ballet dancers, but the name has since become used generally to refer to any skirt-like dance accessory. The tutu can be short or long, with or without sleeves. Some tutus have an attached belt, other skirts have no belt; some are skimpier than others, and all are made from a material that drapes and flows gracefully.

ballet tutu

Traditionally, ballet tutus had varying colors, such as: black, white, pink, light purple, light green, dark blue, and deep maroon. Of all the colors, black is the most common, although white and light purple are also very popular. Today’s tutus, however, come in just about every color imaginable, including: blue, dark green, pink, light blue, black, white, yellow, olive, gray, green, purple, orange, blue, indigo, and fuchsia. Another color choice that has become popular is neutral colors, such as: ivory, cream, beige, tan, cream, and beige. No matter which color you choose for your ballet tutu, it will look elegant and beautiful. In addition, they are made from fabrics that drape and flow gracefully, making them easy to put on and take off.

Many parents prefer a ballet tutu that matches their child’s skin color or hair color, so it is important to make sure that the fabric is stretchy enough to conform to the shape of your child’s face and body. You may even want to consider purchasing several different colors of tutus so that they can be used interchangeably. It is always a good idea to have at least one color of tutu for practice and a different one for actual ballet dance. Having different ballet dance tutus can help a student become more confident as she learns ballet moves, and it will help her or him feel more comfortable as he or she begins actual ballet dance classes.

If you decide to get a tutu for ballet dance, be sure that it is appropriate for practice. The tutu should fit tightly across the chest and shoulders, with a flexible waist. It may also be necessary to purchase some additional undergarments to ensure that your child can move comfortably and feel comfortable. Some manufacturers of ballet tutus sell specially designed undergarments that are made especially for the younger dancers, but you may find that these are not very effective at providing support.

If you are planning to take your child to ballet dance classes, you may also want to buy some instructional ballet videos to teach the basics of ballet steps. Many schools offer class so that students can get the basics of ballet dance before going on to learn more complicated moves. These videos may come in various formats and may include step-by-step instructions along with professional ballet dancers demonstrating them. This is a great way to get your child familiar with ballet steps without having to worry about finding a teacher or waiting for one to show up. Your child may even find it easier to learn some of the more complicated ballet steps through watching someone else do them, than it would if he or she tried to explain it in class. You may even be able to find instructional videos for certain ballet dance positions.

As your child gets older, you will likely have more choices when it comes to ballet tutus. It is never too early to begin thinking about getting your child some ballet gear. Most schools offer a program that allows young girls to learn ballet for free, as long as they bring their own ballet shoes. You can often find ballet outfits for girls that are very similar to the ones you would wear to ballet class. This can give you a leg up on your dance career and let you see if ballet is truly the ideal dance for you. As your daughter grows up, you may still be able to get her a ballet tutu, but for younger children, it can provide hours of fun just watching them try.