Ballet History Facts

ballet history facts

Ballet History Facts

Ballet history is quite extensive and diverse, since there have been many versions of ballet throughout the ages. There are also many different styles of ballet, each with their own particular repertoire of steps, as well as the choreographers who choreograph them. The first step in learning ballet history facts is to know your historical ballet, or traditional ballet, as this will guide you to understanding how various styles of ballet came about. Here are several popular styles of ballet:

Classic Ballet: The classical ballet is often credited with inventing or at least popularizing the modern ballet. It is widely regarded as the greatest style of ballet, and is the style that most people think of when they think of ballet. The first Ballet troupe was created at the court of Queen Elizabeth of England in the late teen century, and the style itself has evolved virtually from there. This form was extremely popular in Europe, and its audiences were especially loyal to the queen.

Elegant Style: This is probably the style most associated with ballserina, although this is an extreme of course. Classical ballet is characterized by flowing, luxurious dresses with elaborate, long skirts. These dresses were often adorned with precious stones, such as diamonds. These gowns were very expensive, which is one of the reasons they became so popular with upper-class women.

Romantic Style: This style was an evolution of classical ballet, but it was a more radical departure. This style emphasized the use of large, exaggerated feet, instead of the small, delicate feet of the classical ballet. Additionally, the costumes were more colorful, and there was a greater emphasis on costumes and attire. Much of this style can be recognized in some of the choreographic works done during the age of Baroque, which focused on the beautiful presentation of women.

Viennese Style: The Viennese ballet is characterized by a much heavier fabric, and by the inclusion of straps to the clothing. While ballet in the Viennese style is quite similar to Russian ballet, it differs because of the lower level of quality. However, the overall appearance remains one of elegance. Many people believe that the origins of Viennese ballet are related to the works of Jovovich. There is even a term for Viennese ballet called Viennese roligante.

Popular Styles: This is a short list of some of the most popular ballet styles. No matter what type of ballet you prefer, there is likely a ballet history that illustrates the development of that particular style. Opera, ballet, traditional, contemporary, modern are all examples of the development of ballet. It is important to understand these ballet history facts thoroughly to truly appreciate the art. Ballet is one of the oldest forms of art.