Which Type of Dance Lessons Are Right for You?

Dance lessons are a great way to get exercise and meet new people. Enrolling in a class can be a little intimidating if you are not sure where to start. There are many styles to choose from, and each has its own special appeal.

Tap Classes Offer Aerobic Exercise

Tap dance lessons are a great way to get your heart pumping. Tap uses different steps and combinations set to show tunes or traditional dancing music. Some instructors do not use music, as they feel it interferes with the techniques they are teaching.

During class, you will begin your sessions with a warm-up and a quick review of some of the skills you have learned up to that point. After this, you may continue working on a certain performance piece or learn new steps.

Of course, tap dancing is not something that is easy to pick up. It takes time to master each movement and for some it can be very frustrating. Because this class is not for everyone, you may want to start with an inexpensive pair of shoes until you are certain you want to continue.

Ballet Offers the Foundations

Ballet classes are a very formal type of dance lessons that help to increase your stamina, coordination, flexibility, and strength. Each lesson begins with bending and stretching exercises in order to loosen muscles before beginning.

Unlike tap classes, ballet requires a specific outfit in order to practice. You need to have ballet shoes and an outfit in which the instructor can easily see your movements during rehearsal. Often this is tights and a leotard. However, you should always talk to the studio before your first lesson to find out what the proper attire is.

Ballet takes time to learn. Once you have the basics, however, you can easily translate the techniques into all other dance forms.

Jazz Is Great for Beginners

If you want something that is fun and lets you move to the latest music, then you should consider taking jazz classes. This style has been around for decades and rose to popularity during the 1970s and 1980s. There are many types of classes for you to take part in, including classical, modern, musical theater, and even lyrical.

Unlike ballet, you can pretty much wear whatever you want to a jazz class, as long as it is comfortable and allows you to move freely. As with all dance styles, your session starts with warm-up stretches and then short combinations across the floor where you practice steps, leaps, and turns taught in previous classes. After this, you will learn new choreography to perform as a group at the end.

Beginners who want to start dancing but are unsure of what style to choose should start with jazz. It is more relaxed but is still an excellent source of exercise.

Ballroom Is Perfect for Partners

If you have been watching dancing competitions on television, then ballroom is the style you are probably tuning in to see. There are many variations on this style, including the Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba, Tango, and even the Mambo. Of course, this variety means you have many options when you go to schedule your dance lessons.

You do not necessarily need a partner to get started. The instructor can pair you with someone, and it is even encouraged that you have multiple partners in order to learn how to dance with different people. However, if you and your significant other are both interested, this is a wonderful activity to do together.

Dance lessons do not have to be intimidating. You can try out different styles to ensure that you find something you truly enjoy. Just remember to give each one time, as no one is perfect the first time they try.