Taking Dance Lessons? How To Make Sure You’re Behaving Properly In Class

Many children and even some adults know how fun dancing can be. Whether you’re taking ballet, hip hop or jazz dance lessons, dancing can be a great way to exercise and remain healthy, as well as being fun! However, before you participate in classes, it’s important to follow the rules and etiquette of dance! Learn what these rules are and you’ll quickly rise to the top of the class.

Rule #1: Show Up Early!

If your class starts at 10 a.m., make sure to arrive no later than 9:45 or 9:50. These few minutes before the class starts are vitally important because they give students the opportunity to stretch and warm up a little. Chances are good that your lesson will start with a small warm up, but it’s still a good idea to stretch a little bit before it begins. If you arrive on time, you’ll miss out on the opportunity to stretch and will disrupt the other students who have already taken their places in the studio.

Rule #2: Respect Your Instructor

Your teacher is there to help you become a better dancer so it’s important to listen during the lesson! This means keeping talking between students to a minimum. This also means that you should leave the instructing to the teacher. Unless your instructor has asked for peers to correct each other, let the teacher be the one to issue corrections. While you may be able to perform the move correctly, you might just increase the other student’s confusion if you try to help.

Rule #3: Dress The Part

Many dance lessons have strict dress codes that must be followed. If you’re a female taking a dance class, you’ll likely be expected to wear a black leotard, white or light pink tights and ballet slippers with hair pulled back tightly from the face. However, the dress code for hip hop lessons is quite a bit more relaxed. No matter what type of lesson you’re taking, dressing the part does more than just help you fit in with the other students. The right apparel can make it easy for instructors to see how the muscles in your body are working, which can help make you a better dancer.

Rule #4: Keep Gum, Food And Drinks Out Of Dance Lessons

While most people realize that food and drinks should be left out of the studio, they don’t always think about gum. Gum can be a distraction for students and teachers, especially if the gum chewer blows bubbles or smacks their gum loudly. If you feel like you need to freshen your breath, get a breath mint before class, but be sure to finish it before entering the studio.

Dance lessons can do more than just condition your body. The right class can help teach self-discipline and dedication, whether you’re a young child or an adult. Follow these etiquette rules and you might be surprised at how much more you can get out of class.