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Check out the other listings including the SpinBoard, StretchMax and the New SuperiorBand Ultra! These are all Official Superior Stretch Products. Accept no substitutes! The Original Superior Band is a full body Stretching and Strengthening product specifically designed for Ballet Dancers, Gymnasts and Swimmers. Natural latex rubber elastic stretch loop band.Developed for Stretch Training used in Ballet, Dance and Gymnastics.45 inches long when flat, 90 inches in circumference.1-1/2 inches wide so it won’t cut into your body or feet.Easy to wrap around feet or hands to shorten the length if needed.One size fits all.How the Superior Band WorksThe Superior Band is a universal stretching and strengthening system. It consists of a ultra-high quality latex rubber loop that works on all body sizes.Stretching: The Superior Band helps you stretch farther when you add it to your warm-up stretching positions. Use it before every practice to increase your stretching motion.Strengthening: The Superior Band can also be used to strength key muscles. Use it to strengthen you legs, back, arms and more.How to use the Superior BandThe Superior Band is very easy to use.We have shown only a few of the many stretching and strengthening positions that you can use with the Superior Band. We will be adding video instruction soon to show you exactly how to use the Superior Band for Stretching and Strengthening.Note: Recommended stretching programs with the Superior Band will vary depending on the one’s age, skill level, fitness level and activity being trained for.FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSQ: What is the Superior Band made of?The Superior Band is made of natural latex rubber and as with any product containing latex rubber, it can cause allergic reactions to people who are sensitive to latex.Q: I noticed there is a spot on my Superior Band where it looks like two ends of a single strip of rubber were glued together to make the loop band. Will that come apart?No. All Superior Bands are made that way. The overlapping joint you see is vulcanized not glued, meaning the joint becomes one piece of rubber. This is actually the strongest section of the loop.Q: Is it possible for my Superior Band to break?Yes. Anything made of natural latex rubber will eventually deteriorate with extended exposure to elements in the air (ozone) and UV rays from the sun. Before each use, inspect your Superior Band for any small rips or tears along the edges. If any rips or tears are found, discontinue use and discard. If it becomes stiff and loses its elasticity, discontinue use and discard.Q: How many ways can I use the Superior Band?There are hundreds of ways you can safely use the Superior Band during your stretching and exercise routines. However, the Superior Band is a serious piece of exercise and stretching equipment and should only be used after you have consulted with your teacher, coach, instructor or other qualified professional. It may not be recommended for everyone.Q: I am trying to stretch like the models in your website photos and I am having trouble stretching that far. Can you help me?The photos in our literature and on our website are of highly trained and experienced Pointe Ballet dancers. Some of these positions should not be attempted by beginners. Consult with your teacher, coach, instructor or other qualified professional.Q: On some Superior Bands, there is a fine residue and perhaps some tan or light brown marks on the inside surface of the band. Is that normal?Yes. This is all part of the rubber and left over from the manufacturing process. The residue can be easily removed with warm water and liquid dish soap. We do not ship out of the USA.

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