Pink Ballet Stretch Band Dance Cheer Gymnastics Flexibility Stretching Rehab

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You are bidding on a brand new unused Ballet Stretch Band The dimensions are 90″ x 1.5″ and is 1.6mm thick The brand is: MNFL MVMT (Mindful Movement) IMPROVE YOUR FLEXIBILITY & STRENGTH: Specifically designed to improve ballet dancer movement patterns. Using this stretch band provides deep-muscle, hands-free leg stretching, helping you accomplish results otherwise unattainable with regular stretching exercises. Discover a new level of resistance, durability, and flexibility today! SUPERIOR DANCE STRETCHER: While it is ideal for classical ballet, contemporary dancing, gymnastics and cheerleading training, this dance stretcher can also be used for all types of flexibility training! It is perfect for athletes looking to add new exercise sets – and a little variety – into their resistance workout routines. 25% ADDITIONAL THICKNESS FOR ULTIMATE EXERCISE COMFORT: Designed to cater to most dancer frames, this ballet band – contrary to joint connected ballet bands – will NOT snap while you exercise! Our product stands out from the competition, as its natural, rubber latex construction is 25% THICKER than other, similar products in its category! Its added thickness makes for an EXTRA safe flexibility band, which retains both its quality and durability long-term, WITHOUT minimizing its elasticity. EXCEPTIONALLY EASY TO USE: No need for hangers, anchors or any other mounting accessories! This strong, seamless ballet stretch band can be used as soon as you take it out of its packaging! Complete with our signature black carrying bag, you can now stretch with ease anywhere – be it in the studio, at the gym, or even during at-home workouts! We have sold 100’s of these bands on eBay and our customers say they are the best ones on the market!!! Free 10 Page Stretch Band Guide!!! Free Shipping in the United States!!! If you place your order by 1:00 pm EST, we usually ship same day. We are located in Baltimore, MD >

  • Model: 90" Ballet Band
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Sri Lanka
  • Activity: Gymnastics
  • Type: Fitness Band
  • MPN: 697691501338
  • Brand: MNDFL MVMT
  • UPC: 638932682270