HEALTHY MODEL LIFE Ballet Stretch & Exercise Band Sports Training Fitness Lot

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HEALTHY MODEL LIFE Ballet Stretch Band forTraining & Exercise Yoga, Dance, Pilates, Gymnastics, Cheerleading, Ice Skating, etc. Bands come in a closed loop form. The circumferential length of the loop is approximately 6.5 feet. THE RIGHT LENGTH – This stretch strap is 6.5 feet to allow for easy, comfortable stretching. If you’ve been frustrated by straps in the past that were too tight, way too long or short, this is the strap for you.NO SLIP GRIP – Grooves in the rubber prevent slippage and allow you to work on your flexibility while wearing socks, shoes or barefoot. Hold stretches easily and securely for as long as you need to achieve the results you desire.ACHIEVE MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY – Whether you’re a ballet dancer, gymnast, cheerleader, iceskater, or simply want to limber up with serious leg stretching to improve general health and well being, this stretch ballet band is a perfect addition to any dance studio or home gym.DEMONSTRATION BOOKLET – Try out some of our recommended stretches. If you are a beginner, attempt to master and improve your flexibility with these poses.COMFORT IS KEY – This high quality, durable rubber feels good against your skin and helps you feel confident during your stretches. No need to hold back on stretching for fear of a snapping band! The substantial width of the strap also makes it comfortable to stretch, pull and wrap as much as you need to achieve the desired stretch and push your flexibility to the limit. Check out my other listings for more sport gear!(27)

  • Activity: Fitness
  • Type: Stretch Band
  • Color: Pink
  • Resistance: Heavy