Dancing Shoes and Their Main Kinds


Shoes are an essential part of modern life. They are part of one of the primary requirements of any human being’s clothing. Basically, shoes protect your feet from all types of harm, making it easy for you to move around. Modern day has seen shoes being tailored to suit various purposes. You wear high rubber boots while walking through mud, reinforced shoes if you are working in construction or smart, formal shoes for your office. Among their many uses, shoes are used for a very special activity – dancing. It might not be a common knowledge, but the type of dancing shoes you use would very much depend on the type of dancing you are planning to undertake. Here we look at a few types of dancing shoes which are used most frequently for dancing.


Pointe shoes are shoes for dance worn by ballet dancers. They generally come in skin color, which makes the ballerinas look like they are simply dancing barefoot. These shoes are generally covered with canvas or satin. They have a flat front and a sturdy sole which allows the ballerinas to dance with grace, allowing them to accomplish the difficult task of dancing on their toe tips.

Jazz shoes aimed for jazz dance come in a variety of shapes or forms. They can have either long or short necks, with or without laces. Most dancing shoes for jazz have rubber sole to allow you to move your feet freely without slipping.

In case you are wondering if there are shoes made specifically to serve the purpose of Scottish or Irish traditional dances, know that there are shoes for such traditional and folk dances. They are known as Ghillies, and are similar to ballet shoes, in that they are soft in texture and are made out of leather. Since Scottish and Irish dances require a lot of feet movement, Ghillies are made with elastic materials around the soles.

Ballroom dancing shoes tend to have suede soles, with a leather body and are typically laced. Men’s shoes of this type generally have a one inch heel, while women’s shoes for this dance are more likely to have a two inch heel.


Whether it is a slow and intimate ballroom dance or an impromptu, or groovy jazz session between you and your beloved, you have got to be wearing the right kind of shoes. Without the right type of shoes to match the occasion, you might look to be in quite an awkward situation!