Ballet Ulanova

Galina Ulanova is a famous Russian ballet dancer. She is also often mentioned as being one of the best ballets of all time. It was her performances in both “Swan Lake” and “Romeo And Juliet” that first brought her reputation. The legendary ballet “Bourbon” inspired the young dancer to study ballet. Her career spanned four decades, and during that time she won many awards including three consecutive People’s Choice Awards for Best Dancing Companion.

As a ballet dancer Ulanova mainly performed the tango positions, which feature the entire leg on the floor, using the tights for support. Her movements were described as being elegant, yet sensuous. She was highly sought after by fellow Russian ballet dancers, who saw her technique as an innovative departure from previous styles. Her popularity waned in the early 1990s, but she was able to revive it with the introduction of contemporary dance movements such as jazz.

After her ballet dancing career, Ulanova concentrated her efforts on teaching others how to dance, and she received many awards for her work. She wrote several books on the subject and was a choreographer for many popular choreographers. In addition to her choreography, Ulanova also conducted many ballets, all of which are included in the Banderas collections. In recent years, she has concentrated her efforts on teaching techniques that focus on the integration of movements and the body. She has also developed a DVD series of dance classes that have been designed for dancers of all abilities.