Ballet Kitty And The FurReal Friends

‘ballet Kitty’ is an adorable little story of love and friendship as Ballet Kitty and Princess Pussycat take the day together swinging on their own, and sharing fun in the sun. This is an attractive and touching tale for ballet lovers and young readers alike! Ballet Kitty is very small, barely over two feet high, and dresses in sweet pink. She is so adorable that even your child will love watching her perform such dance moves. Ballet Kitty is one of many tiny ballet dancers who move to music you hear in old fairy tales, and she performs them beautifully. Princess Pussycat is slightly older than Ballet Kitty, about five years younger, and is even larger – several times larger than the tiny dancer.

ballet kitty

This delightful book tells the story of their friendship as well as how Ballet Kitty prepares for her performances. The steps are divided by a specially designed mat, which keeps the kitty from stepping or moving too far out of place. Ballet Kitty must learn new skills every day so that her tiny legs can move around safely on the specially designed mat. Ballet kitty is so cute and pretty that even people who do not know much about ballet, will have a good time watching her. The illustrations are full of life and color, and really help children to understand the characters they are looking at. This book will appeal to both girls and boys.

‘Ballet Kitty’ will entertain children of all ages, from pre-school to adult reading levels. It is suitable for both children who already have an interest in ballet, as well as those who have only heard about it. It is also a good book for parents who want to share this delightful and loving tale with their young ones. There is plenty of funny moments, and some touching moments, as well as the lovely and cuddly characters. Children will enjoy all of the content and will probably grow to love Ballet Kitty, and the rest of the ‘FurReal Friends’ as well.