A Guide to Ballet Words

If you are new to ballet, then you probably have heard of ballet terms. But you may not be sure what they mean or how they come into play. Let’s take a look at a few of these terms, and their meanings in a little more detail. In the United States, the term point is used to describe the steps of the graceful dance. Other terms used to describe the steps include barre, quatre-a-lis, and page.

ballet words

Ballet terms that are often confused with the term ballet dance are Pointe shoes, Pointe socks, and Pointe pumps. Pronation is one of the most important ballet words that all dancers must know. It refers to how the dancer’s feet are aligned during the dance. While the foot may turn in different directions, it must remain in the same direction throughout the movement. Other terms that describe this aspect of pointe our stance, natural, and step-inar.

The term le cordon bleu refers to an elite level of ballet dancing and usually refers to a French teacher. Before you can become a professional ballet dancer, you must learn the basics from a qualified teacher in your country. Ballet words that are used in France include petite focus, petite eux, and petite eux said. If you wish to become a professional dancer in the United States or anywhere else, it is important to understand the basic skills that are taught by professionals.